Good man: What does a good man look like?

What is a good man and how can you tell if someone is a good man?

These guys discuss what a good man or right man is :


I do agree that someone who is sensitive to your feelings, needs and desires is a good even great man.


This is a word that is not often used these days. What is nobility? The word originally referred to people of certain upper class who distinguished themselves by the way they dress, acted and even talked. If you were descendent of such family you were said to be of noble birth.

However the word later also came to mean of high moral character, having dignity, eminence and excellence. This is a wonderful quality to have in both men and women.


I know that a lot of women say they love a man who can make them laugh but I am not sure what that has to do with being a good man. If it means someone who do not take themselves and the world too seriously then it a great quality. We need someone who can laugh at or shrug off their mistakes and not descend in a cloud of depression for extensive periods of time.


Strong strength: I think this means strength of character. Someone who can handle the challenges of life without caving in or backing out. Also a good man is someone who can handle the waves and tides of a woman’s emotion.

However this can have a negative side effect. Strong men also dominate and even bully people.


While it is good to have a good dose of ambition, (after all who wants a workless person in their life) a man who is overly ambitious usually tend to prioritize his ambition over his family. While he is making millions of dollars they starve for his attention and interest, that I not an example who a good man.


Leadership is another double edged sword. Being a good leader isn’t necessarily a great trait for a relationship. People who are great leaders do like to take charge and get things done. They expect you to follow instructions without questions and have a way ignoring what you want. Many of the great leaders I know do not really have great relationships.

If you can find some who can be a leader yet sensitive enough to take your feelings and opinions into consideration then there is a good man you should marry.


Interestingly some women would say that they can provide for themselves soA good man this is not essential for them. Others contend that at least a man should be able to provide for himself. Not many women like the idea of providing for a man.


Social companion:

Hmmm. While women still like the girl’s night out they still seem to want someone who can escort them to various places and represent them highly, especially when they are in the company of family and friends.

Man who is willing to match what you are looking for:

Actually this is more crucial than many people think. Most people are attracted, not to opposites, but other people who are similar to them. A lot of couples actually even look like each other. Hence a good man should at least have the qualities you are looking for in a mate.

Other crucial qualities that are not mentioned

  • Kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Someone who can manage their feeling and emotions
  • Caring person
  • Someone with domestic skills or who is at least willing to learn. In an age where 2 people need to work this is crucial as you will be sharing the house work.

A Good woman according to these include

  • Well educated
  • Funny
  • Likes to have a great time
  • Supportive
  • Good provider for the home
  • Self fulfilled
  • Self awareness
  • Followship – interesting word and concept

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