How not to get your ex boyfriend back

Why would you want to get your ex boyfriend back?

There are a lot of people on the internet promoting the idea of getting your ex back. There is even an e-book, selling like hot potatoes, guaranteeing you to get your ex back. Well I tell you not only is the author getting people to shell their much needed “dosh”, but he is helping a them pills to invite a lot of headache and heart ache back into their lives.

Think about it: why is your former boyfriend your ex? Chances are it was for some specific reason, which may not be pleasant. Do you really want to invite these un-pleasantries back into your life?

I know you may be hurting. You are tearing out your hair just to hear his voice and feel his embrace. But these are only withdrawal symptoms, if he does come back into your life, the same old drama would start all over again, trust me.

Maybe your pride is wounded because he left you for some other “no-good” woman. Well you need to get over that and realize that there are great men out there looking for wonderful women like you. Fill your time and efforts in socializing and having a good time.

What if it was your fault and you realized that you made a mistake? Well I say, if your did something wrong, do not be afraid to be a woman and apologize. Say you are sorry, but never beg, plead and ingratiate yourself. Accept where you are wrong and determine to correct your mistakes and to move on if necessary.

Realize that everything that happens to us is for a reason. Look at the circumstances, ask yourself what you could have done differently and learn. You are not a much better person ready to meet another individual that can better more from your experience in the past.

Shut the chapter on your ex boyfriend and move onward to a better romantic future. There are a lot more (and better) fishes in the see than those that have been caught.

This attitude may actually cause him to want to come back, but remember that he is an ex for a reason. If there is no compelling evidence that things will not revert back to problematic relationship in the past – do NOT take your ex boyfriend back.

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