How to approach high quality men or get them to approach you

How do you get the attention of the great man who causes your heart to pound with romantic passion? Do you sit back hoping that this high quality man will somehow or the other approach you? Will he get the hint if you simply befriend him? Or do you boldly expose your tender feelings and risk embarrassment and hurt?

One popular book “The Rules” actually recommends that women should never approach the man she loves. While this may have been good advice for your grandmother, heeding such counsel may banish you to the eternal land of the single and lonely.

Combating this ill-advice love expert Barbara DeAngelis says “How in the world is this man suppose to know that you like him? How is he suppose to get the courage to ask you out when you have shown absolutely no indication that he won’t be setting himself up for embarrassment and rejection?”

In a society where men have been traditionally the initiators of romance, it is a dicey affair to approach a strange man who excites your attention. Men are often repelled by women who are too direct, pushy or easy to get. How then can you tell a man that you love him without the risk of losing face?

A man can be easily approached and charmed by using subtle attention getting devices. These are the tools which powerful women have used to get men fall at their feet for centuries. They are tried and proven.

Interestingly researchers in the area of love and romance are now saying that women have been the ones who have initiated romantic relationships. The men have only been the ones who have overtly and demonstrably acted to the subtle non-verbal signals sent out by women.

Now you will have access to the vocabulary of non-verbal techniques used by women who have been able to charm men at the drop of a hat.

1. Use the power of the eyes.

Catch his eyes, hold it for a split second longer than usual then look away. Do this a couple of times. Remember to gaze directly into his eyes this will give him the impression that you are looking into his soul.

Alexander Penney author of the book “Hoe to make love to man” support this.

“Men say that one of the best ways a woman can indicate that she is interested is to look at him directly…. Many a man feels that a woman who looks his way — and holds the look — is making initial contact.”

One of the men who Penny interviewed had this to say, “A woman who catches my eye is saying, ‘It’s like to get to know you better,’ if I am interested can always find some excuse to talk to her or ask her for a drink, if I am not interested, I just look in the other direction. No one is hurt, no one feels rejected.”

2. Smile. Smile. Smile.

A warm beaming smile is the vehicle through which your love and interest is convey to the person of your choice. Be liberal with your smiles. They definitely stimulate curious interest in any man

“When it comes to eye-contact, men note that if you look at them directly, you are paying a compliment, especially when you add a smile,” Penney says.

If you see someone who interests you, do not fear. Follow the promptings of your heart.  Look at him lovingly. Through coy glances and smile in his direction. Gaze at him in wonder and awe. Smile. Give him a compliment. Just do something which says, “I find you and interesting human being. I want to get to know you more.

3. Arrange to be around him.

Join the group or activities that his is in. This definitely increases your chances of meeting him and knowing him better. It also increases the chances of him noticing you.  It is only as he knows that you exist that he will gain interest in you.

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