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How to charm the hearts of people even if you are not pretty or young like Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle
susan boyle

Would Susan Boyle win a beauty contest? Maybe not. But Susan Boyle has charmed and won the hearts of even the most cynical of people — Simon Cowel of the X-factor. In fact the entire country loves Susan Boyle even though the audience of Britain Got Talent initially seems to have some sort of disdain for her.

What does Susan Boyle have that we can all learn from?

Apart from her singing talent Susan Boyle has, yes you guessed it, confidence. She not only believes in herself, she believes in her ability to do what she wants to do. She was not phased with people’s initial negative reaction to her. She went ahead and did she came to do “make that audience rock!”.

Secondly she has humour. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and ordering she can laugh at the things life throws her way i.e her single status.

Look at how seemingly unattractive woman Susan Boyle wins the heart of even people who dismisses her at first. You can too if you cultivate confidence and humour; plus belief in yourself.

You can also view it at youtube on this link

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