How to get the love you want

How do you actually go about getting the love you want?

Can it be created or should there be some chemistry between you before you start a relationship?

These were the thoughts that occupied my thoughts during the 2 hour journey from a house warming party. It all started with a conversation I had with a young lady at the event.


Keyara was a great conversationalist. Very engaging, lively and appealing. But more than that she was a lady of class, distinction, culture and her feminine essence was distinct and magnetic. She is very easy to talk with and relax around. Her rather slim figure gives her a girlish look which certainly didn’t betray her 40+ years.

What left me pondering was what she declared when I asked her why someone of class and beauty was still single. She hesitated and looked upwards searching for the right words to express her lack of success in getting the love she wants.

Keyara confessed that there were several men presently interested in her but she has never met someone who “did it” for her. There always seemed to be a missing dimension in the men she meets.

What was further interesting was that of all the former boyfriends she had, the one who matched what she wanted physically in a man was the worst, while others who did not match her physical criteria gave her much better romantic experience.  Hmmmmm….

Keyara is not the only one. You may even be experiencing something similar – romantic drought in your love. You cannot find the love you want. It’s like the saying “water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” Deep down in your soul you don’t get that spark to make the romantic connection you need. What is the missing dimension and how can you get it?

Create the love you want

Well I think that most people like Keyara are victims of western popular concept of love and romance. It is commonly felt that they must get, have or feel a chemical/spiritualconnection in their prospective soul mate. You must resonate with this person, if not, it just doesn’t do anything for them.love-you-want

This almost nebulous idea of soul connection cannot be easily described with mere words. You just sense that it’s there or missing. When its missing it seems like chore to even contemplate a relationship even if the prospect ticks all the other boxes. And if you get into a relationship without it, you feel like its eating food without salt – tasteless. This type of relation is either quickly ended or fizzles out with a bitter after taste. You knew you should not have gone there – waste of time and space.

As a result many wonderful women drift through without ever getting the love they want. In fact Keyara told me she and her brother have come to the conclusion that she will not get married. What a romantic waste.

Is there any hope? I think there is. It is actually wrapped in a simple but sublime phrase that I came across which says, “Love is a co-creation”

Simply put you can actually create the love you want; the relationship you dream about, whether or not you initially have magnetic chemistry. Yep you read that right! Although Keyara may not initially or instantly get the connection she wants in her soul; that connection can be conceived, cultivated and created. The process of creating such a relationship will also ensure that it is durable and sustainable. Remember diamonds are found in the rough…

Which leads me to another point, Keyara is a very successful business advisor. I am sure that she did not always have or get her dream job. Neither was it given to her on a silver platter. She had to study, search, sort, seek and even in some instance tolerate objectionable treatment in a male dominated field. However she has stuck it out and now she has the job she loves. Similarly brilliant, ecstatic and refreshing relationships can be yours, if you know what you want and is willing to create it.

You don’t have to sit and wait for all the tick boxes to be ticked. You do not even have to sit around and wait f chemistry to start a relationship you CAN create the chemistry you desire.

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