How to move your relationship to the next level – marriage

How do you move your relationship to the next level – marriage?

If you are good friends how do you go about telling or asking your friend to progress the relationship to marriage?

Or if you are in a long term relationship how can you go about getting your partner to want to move the relationship up to marriage?

This is what Janet wanted to do with her 2 year relationship with John. He has

n’t popped the question but Janet do not have eternity to wait. She is thirty and would love to marry and have children before forty.

I told her she would have to be strong and withdraw from supplying the emotional, intimate and recreational needs of John. He gets his needs met and he is happy. Why bother to move the relationship to the next level or get married when its so easy to continue life as it is.

Here are some of the things I suggested to her if she wanted him to move the relationship to marriage:

  1. Stop making him your world. Get your life back
  2. Get know friends or reacquaint yourself with your former friendsmove the relationship to marriage
  3. Get new hobbies and sports
  4. Stop calling him and when he calls do not spend more than 10-15 minutes on the phone to him
  5. Let him know that you are busy and will not be able to see him for a days (may next week wednesday)
  6. If you are bold tell him that “I would love to get married to a person like you, but I don’t have eternity, so I just can’t stay in a relationship that is not going anywhere.”
  7. Be prepared to leave

You will be surprised that you partner would move the relationship to the next level if you are serious and mean what you say.

If you are in a relationship and you want to know exactly how to move the relationship to the next level get in contact with me immediately. Info[at]hiltonsamuel.com

Check out this short clip and give me your ideas on how to move a relationship to the next level

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