How to tell if you are marrying the right person

25 ways to tell if you are getting in a relationship with (or marrying) the right person.

What are the things you should be looking for in a divine soul mate?

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I have often said that love is a double edged sword: it can lift to giddy heights of joy and satisfaction or it can plunge you to the depth of depression, despondency and despair. Getting the right person in your life can do the world of good for your spiritual growth and productivity in life. Getting the wrong person can cause your life to be a living hell.

Here are some questions you can use to make the right choice in a prospective soul mate or spouse.

  1. Will this relationship help my spiritual life or would it interfere with it?
  2. Will this relationship help me to be a better and more productive person in life or will it distract or stagnate me?
  3. Do you think that the person has ulterior motive (sex, money, immigration stay etc) or are they genuinely interested in you as a human being?
  4. Will he/she bring happiness to you and your home?
  5. Does s/he have qualities that will make you happy?
  6. Can you find joy and peace in the love and affection of this person?
  7. Would you like this person to be the parent of your children?
  8. Would you like to become like this person?
  9. What is the past record (success and failures) of this person’s life?
  10. Does he/she know how to manage money or a budget or will they squander hard earned money on clothes, beauty, drink, gambling, drugs etc?
  11. How is the person spending habit?
  12. Would you be allowed to still retain your individuality and personality or would you have to surrender to the will and whims of him or her?
  13. How does this person treat other people?
  14. Is this person a safe person to be with?
  15. What are people saying about him/her?
  16. How does this person treat his/her parents?
  17. Is he/she available (emotionally and in reality – are they married or have someone else in the wings)?
  18. Is he or she trustworthy?
  19. Do they have relationship skills – can they actually fulfil your love and emotional needs? If not are they willing to learn?
  20. How do they feel about your religion and spirituality?
  21. Can they person provide for you or take care of a home?
  22. What kind of values does this person have?
  23. What are the person’s spiritual, financial and family life goals?
  24. What is the Spirit telling you?
  25. What is your gut feelings (intuition) telling you?

“It is from the marriage hour that many men and women date their success or failure in this life, and their hopes of the future life.” Ellen White

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