Right Man: How to Tell Mr. Or Miss Right In 5 Minutes

How to tell if this is Mr. or Miss right in 5 minutes or less

  • How to know if this is the right person for you?
  • Have you ever wondered if the person catches your eye is worth pursuing?

Well there is a quick and easy way to tell if you should invest your valuable time and effort in pursuing someone or it’s a total waste of your precious time.

Donna had the “hots” for Tony but spent an entire year obsessing about if she should even try to get his interest. Even though she was a sharp college educated nurse she became absolutely confused about deciding if she should pursue a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

Alas Donna waited too long to decide. Tony fell in love with someone else and later got married. Would he have chosen Donna to be his bride, if she made herself available? We don’t exactly know but we do know she did not give herself a fighting chance.

Many men tell me that women that they liked but never showed any interest in them would incredulously tell them that they like them after they get married to someone else.

This does not have to be you? Here are several ways to quickly and easily tell if you should pursue someone you like.

David Coleman discusses exactly how you should do this in the video below

Questions you can ask:

  1. Am I attracted to them?
  2. Is there chemistry?
  3. Do I believe them?
  4. Is there desire?
  5. Go out on at least one date and see what your gut reaction is?

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