If you are as nice as they say you are, why are you still single?

People kept telling Eugenie how wonderful she was, the question she kept asking herself “If I am as wonderful as they say why am I still single?” She does get dates but they never amount to anything.

If you are anything like Eugenie your romantic confidence can dip. What should you do?

Ask your self the honest question, “why am I still single?” .

Here are 4 other reasons why even great people like you can be still single:

  1. You dont have a detailed plan of action. You need to make this a project of it.
  2. You may have subconscious negative feeling and emotions that are sabotaging your attempts at love.
  3. You may need to learn relationship skills like you would learn any other profession. They are specific things than men are attracted to and need from a woman.
  4. You may not be associating with the right type of men

If you have specific challenges that you need answers to write them in the comments box below dosage information

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