Is great dater a good partner?

What does dating tell you about someone ability to be a great partner? Not much as much dating is done to have a great and wonderful time. Daters tend to check out the other person’s charm, wit, etiquette and entertaining skills. These have little and nothing to do with care, concern, providing emotional support, parenting skills and a hostof other things that make a great spouse

Dating could be bad for your chances of getting married. Below is a great quote from author Jullian Straus which makes the point very clearly

“...the process by which we decide whether or not we will have a long-term relationship with someone–is really not a good predictor of what kind of boyfriend or husband a man will make. Most of us judge the person by how good of a dater or planner they are but many of my happy committed friends tell me that the men in their lives are wonderful partners but didn’t exactly wow them in the courtship phase.” Jillian Straus

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