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Is your relationship a burden?

Do you feel that your relationship is a burden and you are the only only who is doing any work?

  1. Are you carrying the relationship?
  2. Do you feel that you are carrying the relationship?
  3. Are doing all the work e.g. planning all the events and celebrations?lovers
  4. Are you the one who seems to be always initiating sex?
  5. If things go wrong do you tend to be the one who want to make up and say sorry even if sometimes you are not to be blamed?
  6. Do you feel that you love too much?
  7. Does your lover seems to be taking you for granted or make minimal/no effort?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then here are some suggestions for you.

First you need to adjust how you think.

  • You may be putting all you energies into the relationship and making the other person your entire universe.
  • You may think that you must love unconditionally. Love should be reciprocal not just one way. If you continue that you will end up romantically burnt out, romantically frustrated or romantically frustrated

Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Reconnect to your friends and family and build other relationships that can sustain and support you. Remember no one person can supply all of your emotional needs – not even your husband, wife, boyfriend or girl friend.
  • Establish boundaries and borders. If your spouse of partner disrespects you let them know that you are not happy about it and tell how you prefer to be treated.
  • Get some hobbies and other things e.g. exercise or sports program that will help you let off some steam and rejuvenate you.
  • Make it OK for the person to leave.

To hear more about this listen to the radio interview I did on Monday.

Are you the one carrying the relationship?

3 thoughts on “Is your relationship a burden?”

  1. Hello, I’ve been in a 11 year relationship. He takes care of just about everything. He does help me out alot. I do work part time but, they take out child support so I’m lucky if I bring home 120-140$ every 2 weeks. He can’t talk to me he yells.i just had 3 days off and today I go back to work at 6:45 am I’m getting yelled out get another on or get out. This has been going on for along, long time, do you think if I get the other job that will help? Or is it just going to be the same thing just a different excuse? Please help

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Is this the only time all the years he is yelling? Does he yell about other things or just on this issue? If so then the job may be the problem. If not he may have an anger management problem which needs to be addressed.


  3. Hey, I didn’t even know u wrote back. But, yes I’m still here and he still has issues. I have to come to terms he don’t love me. But it’s very very hard for me. It isn’t that easy for me to walk away like it is for him.

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