How to keep a man interested in you

Do you want to know how to keep a man interested in you?

Here are 11 ways to keep your man interested in you.

How do you actually getting your boyfriend, husband, spouse, partner or man deeply interested in you and the relationship?

This guy has some really great ideas on how to keep a relationship with a man. He is funny and also crude – he swears a lot.

If you can get pass his swearing you can pick up some really great secret tips on how to keep a man.

  • Don’t ask single women advice on how to keep your man. I totally agree. Single women are great expert on one thing single-hood. If they know how to get and keep a relationship they would be in one right now.
  • He says that you should complement your man. Actually I would say that compliments are for women. You need to praise, and appreciate your man. Praise him for his talents and anything he has done or achieved. Show appreciation for things he does that makes you feel happy. Believe me as simple as that sounds you will be shocked that he will keep doing it.
  • Don’t try to change a man. Hmmm. I have a different angle to what this guy is saying. Yes don’t try to change a man, but guess what? You can influence a man to do lots of things. Use your feminine power to influence a man, and he will stay with you a very long time. If you don’t know how to do this check out this blog or contact me right now using the contact form here. Never compromise!
  • Learn what your man is like and work with him. Yep you are right dude. Study his personality and idiosyncrasies. The more you know about him the better it is to work with him and the longer the relationship will work.
  • Manage your jealous streak. Yes you will sometimes feel threatened by other girls/women who look good and who try to dominate his time. However if you over react all the time then you will eventually drive him away. Creating a self fulfilling prophecy – He will lose interest in you and the relationship.
  • Keep up appearances. Men like beauty. No you do not have to get a boob job or anything like that but keep fit and eat healthy. You will feel better, live longer and keep his attention for a long time. Make the effort.
  • Spontaneity. Surprise your man from time. Cook his favourite dinner, buy a gift for him even when its not his birthday. Do something that you know will make him feel good when he least expect. It could be something you have said you will never do but he wants you to do. Having a u-turn on something will endear him more to you and keep his interest in you.
  • OK. This one is a bit sensitive for women. Women need to talk. They love to talk and they will talk all day, every day if given the opportunity. This can drive a man nuts. I will suggest that you leave your girly talk for your girl friends. Give your man a break from the constant chatter. Actually I am talking about ordinary conversation. Nagging and complaining are relationship sins which can get you excommunicated fast.
  • Be sexually open and confident. I agree 100%. Men love sex – all variation of sex. However this does not mean you have to lower your integrity. If there is something you definitely don’t feel comfortable doing, politely decline and explain why e.g. two-some. However be open to new ideas, suggestions and positions. Sexually satisfy your man – this will aid in keeping his interest in you.
  • Support your man dreams, goals and drive. This is a sublime point, pay attention to it.
  • Respect and tolerate a you man’s preferences. Don’t think that your man has to be into everything that you are into e.g. hobbies, habits and career. Understand that he may not want to do it, however if he is disrespectful about these things that you need to move on. It will not work. Don’t force use your influence and maybe he will eventually come around to liking the idea.

This is a great tutorial that will help you to keep your man for a very long time, however he peppered it with a lot of swearing, if you cannot stomach swear words then you I have summarized the points about for you.

Lets hear it dude – next time be respectful of people you are talking to and stop the swearing!

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  1. me and my boyfriend are very close. he tells me he loves me everyday. (Before we were going out we had a thing)But one day i was going through my messages and i was talking to my friend, (before me and him started dating) and we were talking about him and she said that he tried to kiss her when i left her house. She also told me that he said he wanted to hook up with her. Now i’m worried. he’s deniying that they were ever close (i never asked him about what he said to her) Even though that was before we were dating, we still kindov had a thing. How do i Know that he’s in love with her and not me????

  2. Hi, please give me some advice on my relationship. Been dating this man for 11 years. We met in highschool and after 1 year of highschool i left the country and we had the long distance thing for 6 years..he never cheated or lied to me..he called me more than 5 time a day during those 6 years..we would chat for hours and so on..after 6 years we met and things were great. later we moved to the philippines and he finally got an IT job..since he got the job we hardly talk much..he works for 13 hours a day so we dont talk much..usually 20 minutes a day when hes driving me home from work. we dont live together…I tell him we need more time together he says hes trying and doesnt know wat to do..seems he will loose his job if he tries to give me more time..hes been in my life since I was 15 dont know wat to do..nowadays we fight all the time..we had started the whole marriage process but he kept saying he will propose but hasnt until today..always give me many reasons..we had set a wedding date now he has postponed it by a year..he says he loves me but his actions are different..dont know what to do please help..

  3. i was just woundering like how do i really keep guy interested i do most of those things and they just stop calling me and even going out with me and soon im just the back ground chick they always drop me for somthing new and when this starts to happend how do i draw them back in

  4. I have a man that works like 3 hours away , sometimes he will stay out there where he works at for 3-4 days and come home on the weekend. I understand that is alot for him to be coming back and forth home everyday but i just found out that he has been staying with a women friend of his that i do not know sometimes and i broke it off with him he says its nothing going on and he do not have the money to pay for hotels when he is there all the time, ahould i take his word that there is nothing going on or should i stay with the feelings that there is. please help

  5. Actually sometimes dispite our best efforts people do things we do not like.
    What you need to do is be clear in your mind if this is something you will put up with. If it is really important to you that someone do not cheat on you – end the relationship.
    You need to have clear borders and principles (this is vital for both you and him)
    I you are married or have children in a cohabitting situation then its a bit more complicated. Get in touch with me for help

  6. Hello, I’ve been with this guy for 5 months, we lived together in my apartment and the problem now is that, there was this girl whom he’s been sleeping with before but they never had a serious relationship. At first, I was ok but later on, I told him that maybe its time that we move to his apartment cos he had one of his own with 4 roommates. Then, that’s where I started off with my jealous. One day, this girl came with another friend and they drank with the other guys (my bf’s roommates). It was 4 or 5 in the morning when I felt a person standing beside our bed, I looked up and it was that girl staring at my bf. When she saw me moving, she immediately walked away. But I never tell my bf about this. And then last week, I had class and left home. When I came back like around 7 in the evening, my bf with his roommates were drinking including that girl. I called him and told him to stop drinking because of my jealousy and so he stopped drinking and sleep beside me. The light was off when I saw a shadow of a person, I looked up to see who it was but then, it was that girl again peaking. I cannot stand my jealous so the next day when he woke up, I started the fight and told him that if he loves her then he should admit it but he kept saying that he didn’t love her and that he loved me and willing to spend his life with me. So, could you please give me advise whether to believe his words or not. I loved him so much but I just don’t know what to do.

  7. Hi Naina,

    Someone standing over you when you are in bed with BF is pretty creepy. This is something that you need to take up with him immediately.

    However, its vital that you learn to discuss these things without get angry, frustrated or irritated. These will only drive him away or cause him to shut down.

    Tell him how it makes you feel, ask him what you both can do to get over this problem as the relationship is important to you.


  8. hi. i have been dating a guy now for around 7 months. we have our ups and downs. i am older than he is. only by about 5 years. we both have trust issues. he was in a long term relationship and his girlfriend had cheated on him. that was almost 7 years ago. i have abandament issues. i have really strong feelings for this guy and feel (or would like to think)he does as well. when we are together everything is great. not long after he leaves, my head starts thinking all this shit up. he has started a new job and that has him working away for the week. i never get a sms message from him saying that he misses me or is thinking of me. i see him once on the weekend and want more but he is just so busy that l am waiting for him to tell me he does not have the time to see me anymore. i do give him a hard time unfortunately, accusing him of things. i don’t want to continue sabotaging this relationship. your tips have been so helpful!! any adice on what l can do would be more than appreciated

  9. Hi Carolyn

    Giving him a hard time would only drive him away more. It is much better to explain how you feel deep inside and what would make you feel more secure and loved. This will help to understand what to do to please you.

    At ths same time you too need to demonstrate your love in ways that he would appreciate.


  10. Hi Hilton,
    Thank you for the reply. The problem now is l have tried to communicate with him how l feel and what l want/expect from the relationship but he just does not seem to understand. He tells me l live in fairy tale land by wanting to go out to the movies or even a coffee once in a while. He is happy to come around once on a weekend when it suits him just to watch a movie and sleep with me. When he leaves, l never hear from him until later in the week. He is working more on the weekends and l am seeing him less. This situation really hurts me and cannot understand why he would tell me he wants a relationship and yet does nothing to convience me or prove to me that he does want to be with me. I thougth after 7 months we would have some feelings for one another but there feels to be nothing there.

  11. Hi Carolyn

    Unfortunately this guy does not love you as much he says. While I understand your strong feelings for him the best way forward is really to stop sleeping with him until he can demonstrate he loves you in other romantic ways. Unfortunately even if you continue to accomodate him he will eventually dump you when he gets someone else to sleep with.

    You need to create some borders and principles for yourself. You need to value yourself and he will eventually come around to value you.

  12. hi. i would like to know how it is easy for some guys to get over a partner so quickly?? my ex told me that it is hard on him and yet l questioned it as the way he was speaking to me. he was treating me like a piece of trash. like my feelings meant nothing. i do believe there was is one else. he has accused me of lying a number of times… even cheating on him. his ex cheated on him and that relationship ended almose 7 years ago. he gets jeolous, insecure and certainly lacks trust. i have taken this on myself. so much so where l ended up in hospital. i loved this guy and he has told me he loves me. is it possible to turn off the feelings just like that?? do some guys put on a front to protect their own feelings?? i am feeling so lost and sick about all of this. i am angry with myself for feeling this way. he will never trust anyone and l feel he will go through life being alone as he will never trust anyone. not that that is my problem. i have this fear of not being able to trust someone now after all of this. what do l do to move on from all of this???

  13. hey hilton
    first of all u r yummy. i enjoyed ur video bout how to keep a guy interested. fascinating. although i found ur first rule interesting when u say dont listen to ur single girlfriends about how to keep a guy, since theyve been single, how can they give u good advice. didnt u also mention ur single?
    even though i think ur correct about most of what u say. i know coz ive been de-puzzling this one guy i like.
    also ive been reading advice and asking mens advice regarding how to keep him interested. and to my great suprise men have been pretty honest with me.
    so just to say thanks for posting video and do more; i look forward to them.

    love, sue

  14. Hi,
    I’ve been with my fiance for almost two years and we have a 5 month old son. Well before I had my son we were the best couple you would see but when I had the baby everything changed he
    works 14 hours a day but still we do nothing barely have sex anymore he barely touches me kisses me anything. I need help to keep him arould but I’m very jealous bc he’s a handsome young man and we’ve been through some things I just need advice to keep my man happy with only me.

  15. Hi Isabella,

    unfortunately sometimes children do create a major problem in relationships. I am not sure if that is the only thing that is causing an issue with your fiance.

    Have you tried asking him what is bothering him? Do not pressure or nag him but gently bring up the topic. Tell him you will really like to be a great wife/girlfriend to him and ask him to tell you 3 things you can do.

    Hope that helps

  16. Hi iam having problems wit my man cheating,he was suppose to take me eat dinner or to the movies that never happen.I have two kids wit him and twins on the way
    He tells me he love me but is understand can u give me some good advice plz

  17. Brittney,
    Your circumstances are difficult especially that you are pregnant, however the best way to generate interest is to become interesting yourself. If he doesn’t do it then go out and enjoy yourself with your friends. Do not sit back and simply wait for hime to entertain you.

  18. Hi. I met this guy over the internet and we’ve been talking for almost 5 months and everything seems to be great. But it’s been 3 weeks by now that he’s acting distance and he doesn’t show affection, I don’t know if he’s still interested in me or not cuz when I call him he answers and acts like nothing is wrong but yes there is sth wrong, he doesn’t show up as he used to.now what should I do? for example, he hadn’t any contact with me for almost 3 days then he appeared but he didn’t talk to that I felt like it’s me who must initiate the conversation. but on the other hand I feel like I shouldn’t do that cuz I’ve always been the one who called him and started the conversation.

  19. Roya,

    If I were you I will not give more than I get. If he is withdrawing from you give me spave and let him go, regardless of how strongly you feel.


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