Love and the internet

Internet dating – can you find true love on the Internet?

Well yes and no. Online dating has gained much popularity of recent times. And I don’t think it will go away.

Let just say that you can find love any where. It is not how you find love but how you nurture and nourish it that matters.

It is important to realized that the internet is only a place where you can connet to potential lovers. Once you find someone who you are interested in you should carry out thorough checks on this person.

Start by doing a simple google search on him/her. If they are another country tell them you will like to find out more about them, if they would give you names and contact details of other people who can tell you more about them. If they are reluctant to do so, treat this as very suspicious. Make an attempt to find friends of your own in this country through social networking sites. The person should not be the only source of natural information about themselves.

If you both are serious try and meet the person as soon as possible – in   a public place of course. Meeting someone will help you to gather lots of non-verbal information that you can never get through skype, msn, yahoo or video conferencing.

Here is a recent radio interview on how to deal with finding love on the Internet


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