Marriage preparation secrets

Marriage preparations tips.

Are you engaged and preparing 20mg tablets to get married? If so here are some tips and secrets you should be aware of.

Marriage preparation ideas.

  1. Do get some marriage counselling or marriage preparation classes. Believe me it helps. You will be asked to think about things your love-struck mind would never even consider.
  2. Look for and adopt what I call a marriage mentor. Find a couple who have been married for a long time and speak with them about how they are able to make a success of it. They could also be a port of call for times when you need someone to turn to when challenging times arise in your marriage.
  3. Be aware of some of the misconceptions of marriage.
  • Marriage is not something to make you happy. As strange as it seems if your are usually a pessimistic and dull person marriage will not automatically change that. Yes you can find happiness in relating with your spouse in a healthy and abundant way, however you need to make it happen
  • Neitther of you will never be attracted to someone else. You will at sometime or the other find someone else, other than your partner, attractive. This doesn’t mean you have lost your love for them. It is natural. What is important is that you manage your feelings and stick to your commitment to your spouse.
  • You will aways be friends. Living together with someone else, although initially exciting will eventually bring problems and issues. What is important is how you handle the differences
  • You have to do everything together. Although you are married, you are not c0-joined twins. Insisting that you do things together may suffocate the other person and stifle the love.
  • You will never be bored or lonely. Funnily a lot of people want to get married because they want to share their live with someone else. They want to escape boredom and loneliness. However there may be time in the life of your marriage that you can become lonely; there are also times when you may have spikes of boredom. These ideally would only be temporary moments and permanent fixtures.

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