Miracle words that impact your relationship

Miracle words that impact your relationship in powerful positive ways

Do you know that words can work miracles and wonders in your relationship? The impact of these words is huge.

Listen to a radio interview on the topic. Miracle words to improve relationships

Words are like catalysts which can spark amazing reactions in your relationship. Unfortunately they can also be like black magic which cast dark spells on your relationship too.

But in this program we will focus on miracle words.

I should tell you that your relationship is a work of art. You may not realize it but many unlikely things affect the way your partner respond and relate to you.

I believe that words are to the relationship what tools are to the trade man. Without tools the work will be crude and botched. With proper tools the work will be efficient, effortless and effective.

I need to tell you also the tools cannot work by themselves. They need someone with skill to use them properly. Imagine trying to using an electric saw if you don’t fully know how to manipulate properly. That can be deadly.

For relationship to work properly you not only need tools (words) but also skill to make them effective. Words in themselves mean nothing. You need to say them in the right context, with the right tone, corresponding facial expression and body language. The words must be congruent with your non-verbal communication.

Has anyone ever told you that they love you and want to do the world for you and you know deep within that they are lying through their teeth? Well, if you try to say something that you really don’t mean your partner will sense that you have some hidden motive or you are being hypocritical.

Remember also that you words can have the most powerful impact on your spouse. They may be able to ignore what other people say to and about them however, they really rely on you to feed their esteem and nourish their souls. They depend on you for emotional love nutrients.

The Bible says that “life and death are in the tongue” Proverbs

Words are like the air we blow into a balloon which causes it to expand and rise high in the sky. Or words can be the pin the can cause a slow leak or burst the balloon. What you say can indeed crush someone’s spirit or cause their self-esteem and self belief to soar sky high. In fact the words parents say to children can and do condition them for success or failure in life. That is frightening.

If you hit someone, the bruise will eventually go away.

Would you believe it if I would to tell you that world have power to affect matter.

Scientists have found that word affect water crystals. Dr, Emoto found that the water crystals that form around loving words are very different from ones formed around hurtful, hateful words.

Remember the words you use penetrate a persons mind. They arrest and affect the chain of thoughts. The person must immediately think about what was said. The thoughts are changed for good or ill. The changed thoughts create feelings and emotions which get translated into actions.

So never underestimate the power of your words.

Here are some really powerful words which can create miraculous result in your relationship.

  1. You are the best thing that ever happened to me
  2. If I were to live my life all  over again I would still chose you to be my wife/husband
  3. If they were to line up all the men/women in the world I would make a bee-line for you – you would be my first and only choice of a partner
  4. I don’t know what I would ever do without you. Or I don’t know if I could ever manage without you. Or I would be hopelessly lost if I were to lose you.
  5. Even though we have been having problems I would never give you up for the world
  6. The best thing I love about you is _____________

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