Is he the right man for you?

How to tell if he is the one – can this be the right man for you?.

Have you ever had strong feelings for someone but you are not sure about him? You feel that he just may be the one however there may be some doubts lingering at the back of your mind. Or he may be pressing you to take the relationship to the next level and you want to know if this is the right decision. Or you may love him and want to marry him but feel scared about what would happen in the future.

Would your marriage/relationship become a booming success or would you get a broken heart – shattered dreams?

Is he the one or must you search for another?

There are several ways you go about making this decision but here is one of the best method you can employ in making the best decision and deciding if this is the right man for you.

First think about what it would be like 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

  1. Think about what type of husband he would make.
    • Is he husband material?
    • Would he be able to provide your emotional, physical and financial needs?
  2. Is he the type of person you can weather the storms of life with?
  3. What type of father would this person make?
  4. Would he be the type of person you feel you can grow old with?
  5. Can you see yourself waking up and living with this person every day?
  6. Can he bring you happiness – not just immediate gratification but lasing happiness?

If you can answer yes to the questions above, well baby you have the right man for you.

What if you are sure about most of the question but unsure about some of them? Then you need to ask yourself this powerful question – Is he willing to learn or grow in this area? Is he teachable.

Remember no man will be 100%, however if he has the right spirit he will be willing to do what is necessary to make a brilliant relationship

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