Seduce men: How To Attract a Man

How to seduce a man

Would you like to be able to seduce men?

Before I tell you how to seduce men, may I say that the word seduction may have negative connotation with a lot of people. The word connotes images of stripping, lap and pole dancing. It conjures pictures of skimpily dressed women who sexually flirt and tease men.

For the records let me say that this is not necessarily so. At any rate every woman still dream and desires to be sensually and sexually appealing to men.

That said there is a way to appeal (seduce) men without being sleazy, tacky or being a tramp.

If you want to be the person that men find attractive, appealing and desirable for all sort of reasons (not only sexual) then read on.

First you must understand that being attractive does not only have to do with physical appeal (dress, body, makeup, h

air etc). That is only part of it – and a small part I may add. Beauty attracts the eyes but character secures the heart.

Powerful “can’t-get-you-out-the-mind” all starts with you. If you want to get a man hooked on you, wanting to stick around you and coming back to you every time you must realize this: Your attitude about yourself will condition how he thinks and treats you.

Here are several things that will drastically make a man respect and see you as different (special) from all other women.


Elegance is behaving in a way that put you about the common class of people. You speak properly and know how to conduct yourself if company. You are cultured.

Try and master the language that you speak as people will judge you based on how you speak. Learn etiquette and manners, as these will help you to conduct yourself in a manner that men would be delighted to take you out.

Internal locus of control

Wow that is a fancy name for simply not being controlled by external circumstances. You are not fazed by what people think about you; you do not easily fly off the handle when things upset you. You manage your emotions well. This simple makes people (not only men) have high regard and respect for you.

You have a mind of your own. You have your own ideas and opinions. You can agree if something makes sense to you buy you can also calmly explain why you differ with his ideas. These are very powerful ways to seduce men.


If it is easy for people to figure you out then men will find you flat and boring.

You should not be always available for him or his plans.

You keep him trying to wonder what makes you tick by being rather mysterious.

Revel in your femininity

Seduce men and blow them away with you femininity. Man are intrigued and attractied to that which is different from them – femaleness. So embrace your womanhood and let it ooze out of your pores and see this helps you to seduce men. You will attract men like bees to honey.

seduce men

This does not mean you have to be weak or a floor mat. You can be female and strong. In fact you feminine essence is so powerful that you can literally capture men with it.

How can you be feminine you ask?

Never try to compete with men, its not worth it. He can be right and you can be smart.

Ask him to do things even when you are perfectly capable of easily doing them.

Let him display his gentleman like graces. If he does not open the door, stand patiently and wait. He will catch on and do it. Then gracefully thank him and let him know that you think he is such a gentleman. This is definitely another method of seducing men.

These are a few idea on how to seduce men. I you want to really attract the right man to you why not check this powerful course out .

Here is another great resource on how to seduce men.


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