Should women initiate romantic contact with men?

I happen to be trawling through YouTube and came across a chat show video about relationship and race. What struck me was not the race content of the chat show — this is a common topic.

What really stood out for me was a woman guest who contented that men don’t approach her. She seem to be very adamant that the brothers seems to be intimidated by her. It also seems to me that she was quite ripe for a relationship she only needed harvesting i.e a man needs to initiate relationship contact with her.

Watch the video here and lets discuss this topic.

In this day and age should women sit around and wait for men to take the initiative?

Is sit OK for women to approach men who kindle their romantic interest?

If you are a woman and you see a man you admire would you make the first move?

If how it works you are a man who isn’t that qualified and successful as this woman is, would you initiate contact with her if you like her?

Here is the video, take a quick look and lets discuss. Remember we are not necessarily talking about race relationship, but rather “should women initaite romatic contact with men?” Listen especially to her comments at around 4:45-5:50 minute mark and the last segment 9:30 mins to the end of the clip

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