Should you have sex on the first date?

Some women ask me if is OK to have first-date-sex with a man they really have the hots for?
Well it depends on your motive. If you are into one-night-stand thing I guess it would be OK. But I strongly do not recommend it. You should never become physically involved with a man unless you are in a secure relationship with him – yes preferably marriage. In fact you should not do any more that a handshake or peck on cheek on first date. You definitely interfere with the relationship bonding and building process, by having sex too soon. You will be lucky if you get a second date. If you do you will fast just become his sex partner and nothing else. Here is a movie clip that cements the point:

Why You Should Never Have Sex on the First Date! on low price href=”http://www.howcast.com” target=”_blank”>Howcast

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