Should you share your true feelings of love with a man?

Sharing your true feeling with a man you admire can make or break your chances of love. Some people believe you should not play games. You should be mature and upfront with your feelings and intentions.

Well this approach can generic prices work and has worked with some men who like to be know exactly where they stand with a woman. However most men find this to be some what anti-climatic. They do like, love and are attracted to some intrigue, suspense and challenge.  The challenge of conquering a woman’s heart. This effort makes them not only value the woman but also makes them feel proud of his accomplishment. Men do love the chase.

There is however a time and place to share your feelings, but it not at the beginning. It should be when enough rapport is established.

Let me explain. Most undomesticated cats love a good meal of lizards or rats. However, a baked or stewed rat is not very appealing to them. They love to hunt, chase and even play with their meal before they devour it. Somehow it seems much more fulfilling and appetizing to go through this process. Similarly, men, even modern men are hard wired to hunt, chase and secure a woman’s romantic attention. If he gets it too quickly and easily he may not relish the relationship as much as if he had to work for it.

That does not mean you should play too hard to get either. Yesterday my 4 year-old son wanted me to catch him. Interestingly he ran near enough to my hands to make it possible but far enough so that I had to stretch and get up to do so. So you should be like the bird that wants to be caught, while hopping within reach of the bird catcher.

Again let me say, there is a time to declare your feelings, emotions and heart. But this should not be too soon, too quick or too eagerly. Have you ever noticed some men tend to only use women who deeply love them and would do anything for them and go girls who either don’t want them or don’t really care.

This principle is not cast in stone. There are exceptions to the rule, but be careful about how easily your share your feelings. Play your romantic card close to your chest, especially in the beginning stages of a possible relationship.

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