Should you tell a man your true feelings for him?

Should you tell a man that you love or admire him? Or should you wait around 10mg price for him to get the hint and approach you?

Sheena is deeply in love with Benjanmin. He is so cool, intelligent and charming. The problem is that she is not very sure that he likes her. Sometimes she thinks he does, by he way he smiles at her and some of the things he would say. At other times she is confused, because he would treat rather professionallly.

Her  heart is bursting with admiration and warm feelings.

Should she come clean and declare you love? Should she share her feelings with him, before some other girl snatch him up?

What do you think she should do?

2 thoughts on “Should you tell a man your true feelings for him?”

  1. DON’T! Men like the chase.

    Also, deep down, men feel and want to feel that the women they love are better than they are.

    If ever I have complimented a man and said:
    “You are worth it” or
    “You’re a decent/good guy” or
    “I admire you”
    Has been a complete turn-off.

    I hate to sound sexist – but deep down – men know women are the more admirable/elegant sex and he will think less of you for admiring him. Sadly, is true.

    In most married couples, the man admires the woman, while the womanly (silently) admires the man and contributes him openly only for his contribution to her/the relationship and not to the world. Maybe not the answer you wanted – but from observation is true.

  2. Men do love the chase. They also love the suspence and challenge of conquering a womans heart. This effort makes them not only value the woman but also makes him feel proud of his accomplishment.

    There is however a time and place to share your feelings, but it not at the begining. It should be when enough raport is established.

    For more information see my blog entry here!


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