The Boyfriend Getting Formula

Of recent times I have been reading, listening and studying the science and art of marketing and making more money. I have been chunking it down to the basics that are absolutely needed.

Most of the guys especially in the internet marketing world tend to say basically the same thing.

1.       Choose an area that that you are interested in

2.       Find out what people want, that is, what is in demand in the field that you’re interested in.

3.       Look at what your competitors are doing

4.       Develop a better or improved product and offer it the market

5.       Expose your product to as many people as possible – preferably people who interested in what you are peddling

I have been thinking a similar formula is very applicable to finding the right partner/mate/man/boyfriend.

Here is what I have come up with – pure and simple:

1.       Be clear about the type of boyfriend you want

2.       Research what appeals these type of men

3.       Expose your self to as many of these men as possible by showing up and participating in clubs, activities, groups, fraternities, etc that these type of men join

4.       Appeal to them by giving them what will make them happy.

Let’s briefly look at the first on the list. Be clear about the type of boyfriend your want.

To do this, imagine that you are in the ideal relationship. How would your boyfriend treat you? Would he intellectually stimulate you with uplifting conversation – an intellectual; would he constantly tell affirm how much he loves you – a verbal romantic; would he be always surprising you with gifts, flowers and cards – a giver; would he be someone who is always doing something for you like cooking, fixing your car – a DIY, handy man; would he be affectionately touching and massaging you – a touchy feely romantic.

This will give you a hint of the type of boyfriend you are looking for.

The second step in the process find out what these type of men would be looking for in a partner.

Think of a friend, uncle, older man who is of a similar ilk of the boyfriend you want and simply have a conversation with them about how they went about choosing the woman in their lives and what they were looking for. The more men you speak ejaculation with the more information you will get.

Ask yourself if you have what it takes? Can you cultivate or develop it. An easy way of adopt behaviour is just being around people who have similar behaviour. So start making friend with other girls and women who display the behaviour patterns you desire. Over a period of time it will rub off.

Sandra wanted to improve her walk so she made friends as many of the models and cat walk girls she could find. She went out with them, played with them and even asked them to give her tips and practice on how to do this. It was not long before without even realizing it she too was striding in full confidence down the road in high heels attracting the eyes of many men.

We will continue this later

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