Waiting for Mr. Right

Should you wait for Mr. Right?

Why waiting for Mr. Right could be wrong.

I had just finished doing a video shoot for a DVD production when the curvy bubbly lady who had finished her shoot before me chirped “I could do with some of your help.”

I turned out dosage options that she had a problem many single women her age desperately wanted. In her late thirties she had 3 men were very interested in her – but she didn’t fancy any of them. Many single women her age are struggling to get some male interest much less not knowing who to pick.

“Why aren’t you interested at least one?” I quizzed.

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It wasn’t that any had a criminal record, or was on drugs, or even that they were monstrously ugly; she just didn’t have the chemistry. They weren’t her cup of tea, not her type. She believed that if she “settled” for less than what she was looking for she would be compromising her standards.

It seems that many women are holding out for Mr. Right to come along. They didn’t want to make the wrong choice and spoil their chances of getting Mr. Right if they settle for someone less now. One girl told me that she would “prefer to stay single than settle.” And guess what she is still single 2 year on. And I suspect she will be for years to come.

I am beginning to see more and more professional and accomplished women climbing the age ladder lonely and single because they insist on waiting for the “right” man than “settle” for normal ordinary guys. Guys who could make them very happy if given the chance. Usually when reality hit them (anywhere between 35-45) the men they spurned earlier are happily married and unavailable, and their choices are limited to older men, divorcees, widows and players. Or in some cases no one.

Here is what I told the lady, who was singer and entertainer.

“If you had the choice of a local club wanting you to do regular gigs for them or trying to get Simon Cowell of X-factor to show interest in you, who would you choose?” I asked.

She immediately realized that the chances of getting a big name busy TV producer to sign her when he has so many younger wannabees clambering for his attention would be a long shot. While she could start with the local club (who was already interested in her), develop a relationship with them and grow.

We also came to the conclusion that the chances of her growing and developing her own style and pace was more probable with the local club than with an established producer whose iron clad contract would be very restrictive.

I know a happily married woman who told me that she actually dislike her husband when she first met him. However because they had to work on a project together she got to know him better and realized that there was far more to him that his bushy unkept eye brow and slightly twisted teeth. She grew to not only like his witty personality and level headed wisdom. She grew to love him passionately.

Why not give the normal guys who are already interested in you a fighting chance. If he is good enough you don’t have to wait for Mr. Right who may not show up, and if he did he may not even choose you.

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