Want to keep your love and romance alive?

How would you like to keep the love alive in your relationship: try this simple method. It is guarantied to not only rekindle your love but keep it alive a burning for a long, long time.

I was hustling to get home, but as I rushed past a second hand store my eyes caught a glimpse of post cards in the display window. To be honest I am not one for cards, flowers or other romantic gestures, but something told me to stop and look. Interestingly these cards we miniature cards and only cost 40p. Well that’s perfect because I do not have to write a whole page of poetry. So I popped in bought the card wrote something rather short (what I thought she would like) got a stamp and dumped it into the letter box yards down the road – thought no more of it.

In fact I didn’t understand what my wife was on about when she asked me if I sent her a few days later. I just couldn’t remember but I had enough sense not to say yes since she was especially loving and kind to me that day. Special dinner, ……. leading up to hot steamy bedroom activity that night. It was not until the next morning, when I saw the small card on her bedside soft tabs online table that I connected the series of events.

This brings me to one of the most powerful aspects of keeping love and romance alive. No, its not cards, flowers etc, I am talking about the element of surprise.

The card was a great idea, but I think the thing that actually activated my wife’s response was the fact that she wasn’t expecting that sort of thing – it was a surprise.

Regular pleasant surprises to your spouse will be like cream on the cake. She/he will do delighted that they will be romantically stuck to you like glue. The relationship will have a high love of love and romance that is unbelievable.

There are two basic things that are related to surprise.

  1. Your spouse should not be expecting it
  2. It should be something that is pleasant, pleasing or possibly fantastic to the person.

You may be thinking that it has to be something like a surprise birthday party, no not necessarily. It could be anything from doing something you don’t normally do,but will not only surprise her/her also help.

Think of something that you spouse would least expect you to do today.

  1. Sending a nice or even naughty text
  2. Calling
  3. Cooking, cleaning etc
  4. Leaving a love note in car, or sending one in the post
  5. Little surprise gifts that you can pick up when you are out and about
  6. Surprise flowers, gadgets
  7. Surprise meal out or event
  8. Just suggesting that you spend a night or weekend at a hotel or motel
  9. Last minute city break or weekend away

This is not an exhaustive list, however just think of something that he/she would least expect you to do.

What does this do? It like a romantic shot in the arm; it does for your romance and love what addicts say drugs do for them only without the nasty side-effects. He/she suddenly realize that you are thinking about them. They realize that you care. Care enough to go out of your way to do something practical and pragmatic. The surprise element means they had not time to warm up or prepare for the pleasant shock. I encourage you to practice random acts of surprise that will keep the fires of romance burning in your relationship. Give a surprise today! In fact I am going to do one right now.

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