What do men find attractive? 8 things to consider

What do men find attractive in women? Psychologist Dr Debbie Magids recently wrote about the 8 rules that attract men.

Before she launched into the 8 things that attract men she shared an insight I have been sharing here on my blog, with my clients and in the media.

“If he makes you feel good, you’ll be attracted, at least to some degree. If he makes you feel bad, well, no second date!” she says.

I couldn’t agree more. In fact I will go further, your ability to attract a man is largely due to how you make him feel when he thinks about you, hears your voice, sees you and when he is with you.

Dr Magids says men need to feel 8 simple things:

1. Needed. order professional She says to make a man feel needed you need to show your vulnerabilities. In my RIGHT MAN PLAN program I give women a simply formula. It involves asking men to help them in one way or the other. What Magids didn’t mention is that you should always show your gratitude for anything a man does for you. Be certain to let them know you appreciate their efforts. This ensures that they will be always willing to do more for you.

2. Desired. Here Magids suggests that you complement men. This is where I think she is using her feminine judgement. Women like to be complimented, men love to be praised. It pays romantic dividends to praise a man.

3. Challenged. I totally agree with her. You cannot be too easy to get, but you should not play too hard either. Particularly when it comes to sexuality. Although she hasn’t mentioned this I think it is worth saying that you should have very high standard in this area. Regardless to what the liberals will tell you, men still judge women based on how promiscuous and easy they are to conquer sexually.

4. Funny. 5. Smart 6.Interesting. Magids clumps these together by saying “Rules #4, #5, and #6: Listen attentively, nod frequently, compliment him on how smart he is, and laugh at his jokes”

Although I can understand the point she is making, I think that the point that men like to be thought of as being funny is overrated. Yes we do like to the looked up to, adored and thought of as interesting. Yes, we definitely wouldn’t like to think that we are a bore, but I don’t think that many men want women to think of them as stand up comedians, jokers and entertainers.

7. Important. 8. Powerful. Again she clusters these together. I absolutely agree. If ever you can make a men feel that he is important to you and he is the most important person in your world, he will eat out of your hands.

Two surprising things that she has missed are confidence, and femininity.

Do you know that women who were able to display these qualities and more have been about to get men to give up kingdoms, fight wars and do phenomenal things for them. Won’t you like to be such a woman? Join the ranks of such woman and learn the art of influencing men put your email in the opt-in box in top right of this page.

To read Dr Magids 8 things that men find attractive go here

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