What do men want from women?

What do men need from women?

This has been the hot topic of debates, discussion, arguments and casual conversations.

Women have confessed to me that they wish to know what men really want from women. In fact some women (and men) are convinced that most men don’t even know what they want.

Well actually all men do know what they want. They may not be able to articulate or write it but they instinctively know exactly what it is and would move mountains to secure it when they experience it in a woman. Even the shyest of men would emerge as a bold lion to secure this rare quality in a woman if she demonstrates it.

No I am not talking about long legs, sexy buttocks, safe big boobs, dreamy eyes, baby soft skin, youthfulness and long hair. Yes these would attract the attention of all men. Men would physically want these, but these are not what they NEED. A man’s interest will quickly dry up after having sex with the prettiest girl if she does not supply this most important ingredient.

This idea actually dawned on me some time ago when the famous inspirational Tony Robbins divorced his first wife. The fact that this man who promoted tools and techniques on how to make your relationship work divorced shocked his fans. He is reported to say that his didn’t feel like a man in his house. The world admired him and believed in him but in his house his wife seems to have made him feel like a boy.

That is it. That’s the essence of what all men need. Even the mighty Tony Robins, who has millions of people almost worshiping him, could not tolerate lack of admiration from his wife. He cracked from not getting his need supplied by someone who should be the primary supplier of it.

The greatest need of any man is not sex. Horny, pulsating and pelvic thrusting copulation will definitely supply his physical desire; however it can never keep him.

The greatest need of a man is to have someone believe in him. Believe in his skills, dreams, goals, intentions, ability to accomplish great things. A man needs someone who can believe in him when the world has given up on him – someone who believes in him even when he doubts himself.  Such a person would make a man move mountains; a man would move mountains get secure the heart of such a person.

The greatest need of a man is for someone who can admire, adore and believe in his ability to overcome any obstacle and win. If you can demonstrate that most men would do anything to get you; they would also do anything not to lose you. Start believing in men and you will attract them like bees to honey.

Find how you can do this today.

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