What is a soulmate?

Yesterday I came accross an interesting reviews target=”_blank”>request on the internet of a guy who said he has found his soulmate. The problem is he is 45 and married and the person he has fallen in love with (his soulmate) is 18 years.The girls dad, who is about the same age as the guy,  is absolutely furious about the situation.

What is a soul mate? Can our soul mate be married or can we have soulmate connection with someone who is inappropiate for us eg 27 years older or younger?

Briefly a soulmate is a person with whom you connect deeply with. Usually on an emotional and spiritual level. You feel that your souls and spirits seamlessly bond. You have an affinity for each other.

This type of bond can happen naturally or it can be cultivated. This happens when two people spend a lot of time talking to each other sharing deep and private thoughts with each other.

However not every soul connection is right. For example this soul bond that this guy has is very inappropiate, since he is already married and the girl is a teenager. Not many people will sanction this union. Below I discussion the situation in a radio interview.

In the first part I discuss “how to tell if you have found a the right person” and the secound part I share my thoughts on what can be done in this situation.


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