What men want 2

What do men want in women?

Most women tend to want to impress men by giving or pandering to what they think men want – nice looks, great/sexy body and “fun time.” While this may engage and entertain most men, it certainly does not secure their long term interest.

Last post I answered what men seem want in women. Now I want to go much deeper and reveal want men really need in women. I don’t have much time so I will give them as bullet points and perhaps expand on them later. A woman who can provide this for a man will find that he will stick to her like bees to honey.

Men need:

  1. Women with high standards and principles. Women who will stick to their principles even under pressure. Yet a woman who is fun to be with and easy to get along with.
  2. Women who genuinely love men. Women are more then just husband-hunters or who are looking for sperm donours. Women who love men as fellow human beings.
  3. Women who show genuine interest in their lives, ambition, goals, hopes and dreams. She also knows and understands that he has fears, trepidations and inhibitions. She will support him even when he fails. This is very important because most of us have deep seated fear of failure, but not only that we fear how we would like in the eyes of those with love.
  4. Women who are sure about themselves. Women who don’t have to spend eternity to hide their real faces under mountains of make up, clouds of perfume or hide behind layers of distracting clothes.
  5. Women who they can make happy, but not that they are the only source of happiness. They don’t want to be solely responsible for your emtional and psychological well being. That is a heavy burden.
  6. Women who can budget. Men love and admire fast delivery women who are wise about their use or money. He looks at how you manage your fincances and measure how you will take care of his money – when he gets it (smile). I know you may have much more money than he does.
  7. Women who can and are able to manage a home. Yes you read that right: men still love women who can cook, wash and iron. This does not mean that you have to be tied to the house it only means that you should be capable of doing it. You can still have your career and work outside the house, but somehow men still like the idea that you are able to cook the family a home cooked meal and take care of the children – even if you have a maid to do so.
  8. Women who can weather the storms of life. Men are not stupid, they know that life is not a bed of roses. They look for partners that they “can make life with” or “settle down with”.
  9. Men love women who are strong but gentle/sensitive. A women who can wisely and tackfully influence (not dictate or control) him and who can be influenced by him. A woman who can sensitively correct him without trampling on his ego. And yes there are ways to do this without challenging his masculinity and shredding his esteem.

I know this may sound some-what old fashioned but believe me post-modern men have not progressed much beyond these basic needs, even if they are afraid to admit it.

I have to go but, I will add some more thoughts later.

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