What men want 3

Men need women who genuinely love men – This alone can get you tons of great quality men

To attract and keep men you must love men.

No I don’t mean love because they are tall, handsome, popular, rich, intelligent or famous.

I don’t mean you should love because you want them to be your boyfriend, spouse, partner or husband.

Let me expalin what I mean.

To be an effective teacher you must love children. You must enjoy their company. You must see value in every child, whether they are black or white, thin or fat, rich or poor. When you truely love children they will realize this and flock to you even when you have to discipline them. If you don’t love children they will instinctively tell and be wary of you, even if you try to bribe them with sweets and chocolate.

I once heard of a story about a radio children story teller. He hated children but was a wonderful story teller. He became a great hit across the nation. One day when he was finished telling a reviting story and the technician signalled the time was finished he breathed a sigh of relief and said “Thank God I am finished with the little nuicances.” Unfortunately the microphone was still open and live. That statement was braodcast to all the children listening. Needless to say he lost both his job and popularity.

A lot of women think men are after one thing – you know what that is. Some think that most men are rubbish, dogs, no-good. They get together and share horror stories of how they have been cheated on, used, abused and misused by men. They poison thier little girls with these, stories hence spreading the man-hating venom. Yet they hope one day to meet a great wonderful and different man who would become a loving husband and partner. Well this is very much like a man who despise women but use them to fulfill his sexual needs. Despicable!

Well like children men could sense when you don’t really love them as human beings. They sense that you only want them to fulfil your need of security, provider, sperm donor or husband. They will definitely steer clear of you.

To attract men you need to be genuinely curious and interested in men. You need to value them as lovely human beings. You need to enjoy their company; marvel at their difference; wonder at their uniqeness and admire their masculinity. This attitude will immediately shine through to every man you to meet. You will be so different to most of the “husband-hunting” women that they will simply want to be with and around you.

Start enjoying and being a genuine friend to men today. You will be surprised that they are as human as you are. You will get to find out that even though they may have different way of doing things, these differences make for fun and variety. Begin to genuinely love men for who and what they are, despite the bad experiences you may have had.

Stop man bashing. Avoid men haters. Don’t keep company with women who harbour bitter feelings about men.

Start loving men!

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