What singles want: what modern men and women want in each other

What do modern single men and women want from each other?

In this article we will reveal exactly what singles want.

Before I do that howeve let me ask you a personal question:

  • As a single woman what do you actually want from a prospective husband?
  • As a single man what are you looking for in a wife?

A new study has shown some rather surprising results to these questions.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein revealed these amazing answers on CBS early morning show.

After polling over 5000 singles here are some of the amazing results:

What are modern men looking for?

Good news for women want is looking to marry. Men 21-24 actually want and desire marriage. Even men over 50 years want to marry too.

It gets even better.

Get this,  men really want to have children more that women. Wow, that is very surprising. Whether or not they up to the responsibilities of being a dad is a totally different question.

Now let’s see what post modern women are looking for in a relationship.

Women are calling for

  • More personal space
  • Own interest and space
  • Girl’s night out

Interestingly what women want in relationships does not match up with what makes a relationship work.


Based on what modern women are saying they would like, it seems that they want to still have their independence while still having a relationship. They want to have the cake and eat it at the same time

This is what relationship expert Willard Harley calls independent behaviour. Independent behaviour is being in relationship and making decisions and acting as if you are the only person concerned. You are acting as if you are free, single and disengaged.

What is the result of this?

According to Harley this is a love buster. A love buster causes you spouse to lose love for you. A relationship by definition means that two people share. They share time, personal space and even some activities and hobbies.

It does not mean that you have to be clingy and possessive. No. But it does mean sharing. While friends and girls night out are fine, they should be have second place to your spouse. When they begin to have priority then it spells trouble for the relationship.

The report also goes out to mention that 35% or people who have a one-night stand end up having a relationship with each other. Interesting!

However this is definitely not the preferred way to start a relationship. I would say that the odds are against you in many ways if you have one-night stands.

You can contract sexual diseases and there is still a 65% change that it will not work out.

Why not get to know the person first, then get into a secure relationship which can mature into marriage before getting involved sexually.

Yeah, I know that is old school and un-cool, but it is still give you the best changes of having a thriving, long lasting relationship.

Now how about finding a relationship:

1.       Give people second chance. Give yourself the chance of really getting to know someone. See and interact with them a couple of times before making up your mind. You never know someone you have initially rejected by have been a good match for you.

2.       Go out and join groups and clubs who provide things and activities you enjoy.










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