What to do if you are a single parent over 30 who wants to date

Are a single parent and over 30?

10 things to do if you’re single, a single parent and over 30 and want to date.

Are you doomed to a life of singlehood if you are over 30, have a child and in a church?

Well this is what 36 year old Amanda thinks.

“I have a child and in the church. All of the men are taken. In the world yes there are plenty of men, but not in the church,” her eyes narrowed as she mentally thought of the implication of what she was telling to me.

I spoke to her after doing a talk at a banquet where she was one of the waiters. I could sense she needs help as she felt she was trapped.

I realize that it will be a difficult job to try and change her mental frame in a few minutes so I handed her my card and told her to contact me, as I know of women who got married over 40 with several children.

Here are several points I will make with Amanda when we talk. As a single mum who wants to date these suggestions are very crucial

  1. Accept that you are still desirable not someone who have passed the sell-by-date. Curiously Amanda looks much younger than her age.
  2. You do know have to announce to the world your life story (your age and parental status) at the first date or meeting. Let people get to know and enjoy your personality before you give them details of all your life. It does not mean that you have to hide your children either.


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  1. Accept that there are lots of single men who are looking for nice person like you too. Some of these men have children of their own and are not fazed by parental status. In fact they may be looking for someone who can be a great parent to their child too. I know of a case where a guy fell in love with a girl who not only had a 4 year old but also pregnant with another child. He later married her in spite of her two children that were not his. If someone loves you they will look adcirca vs beyond these problems
  2. Along with prayer it is great that we put ourselves out by seeking opportunities to mingle and mix.
  3. If the local church is limited in prospects then either join a larger church or regular visit other churches.
  4. Ask people to recommend you to other friends.
  5. Become actively engaged in evangelism, God may bring into the church prospects that may be suitable to you.
  6. Be willing to give someone a second chance. There may be genuine people around you that you have not considered, but who may be interested in you. Even though this person may not have all that you desire, there can be a chance for growth and true romantic development.
  7. Have a fun a varied life. Some people may the mistake of letting their children be their entire world. A part from world and church they no time for anything else. I want to say that you should also find time for yourself and to have a fun.
  8. Interact with many different possible people and suitor. Do not fixate on any one person too quickly and too early. The fact that you have your options open will be quite attractive to anyone who is interested in you.

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