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Where to Meet Men – Dating Tips for Women

Where are all the good men? 5 best places to meet men.

If you feel that there are not enough men around; if you think that great men are scarce and hard to find then  this video is just the thing you need.

Jonathan Ashley says you should first ask How you being seen by men? Or maybe it should be – Are men actually seeing you?

He says you should make an effort to put yourself out there.

1. Start with places that you like. What do you love to do and join new groups or clubs based on the around this.

2. Go to places men love to go. Car shows, golf, football etc. This will place you in a place where there a lot of potential men.

3. Also make it easy for men to speak to you. Ask a question or ask for help.

4. High end business seminars, churches or synagogues. However go to places that

5. Try online connections – social media e.g facebook, twitter, instagram etc.Start off by checking the friends of friends etc.

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