Who wants to marry a soul mate?

I came across this interesting piece of stats from an article “Who wants to marry a soul mate?” from National Marriage Project state of the Union 2001

“Among single men and women, a large majority (88%) also agree that “there is a special person, a soul mate, waiting for you somewhere out there.” And never-married singles are highly confident that they will be successful in locating that soul mate; a substantial majority (87%) agree that they will find that special someone when they are ready to get married.”

Let’s analyse it a little:

1.    Most single people believe that there is A (one) special someone (a soul mate) for them somewhere out there in the world

2.    They believe that when they are ready to get married they will find that person.

That means if you are single you may actually believe that there is only one person that is compatible to you and who will meet your deep emotional and spiritual needs. You may also believe that you will be somehow guided to this person when you are ready to marry.

If there is only one person out there for you, how are you going to meet that person if they are located half the way around the world? Do you believe that your paths will miraculously or magically cross? Or do you believe that it is just going to happen – it’s destined to be!

Well this might just be the case. You may 5mg tablets stumble upon love; love may even stumble onto you, but why not help the process along.

How can I do this? you ask.

Simple, since your soulmate is out there some place amongst the 6-7 billion people on earth, why not develop an action plan to meet as many potential partners in as many different places as possible?

So begin today to become more active in volunteering, going places, visiting distant friends and relatives, joining groups and clubs, becoming involved in projects in foreign lands or event just collecting for charity.

Not only will these experiences enrich your life, but you will meet a wide variety of people one of whom may be your soul mate. One person I know met her soul mate while cooking for a charity and feeding homeless people on Christmas. No not one of the homeless, he was one of the other volunteers.

As dating coach Kira Sabin would say ” go meet love half way!”

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