Why am I still single? 4 ways to escape the land of singles

Have you ever wondered why you are still single when you are not bad looking (you may not win a beauty contest but you definitely not monstrously ugly either) and you are fairly successful in all other areas of your life. Why does the joy of having a great relationship elude you?

There may be many reasons, not all your fault either.

Today I want to talk about a simple reason why many women remain single. A reason that seem quite valid at first by may just be the thing that is keeping you firmly rooted in the land of the singletons. A land you have every intention to escape.

This came to me after hearing a single 38 year old business woman emphatically tell me that she is  a “treasure to be discovered.” And well she was, but the only problem is that she has not been discovered after 38 years and no treasure hunters are seen on the horizon.

What does she actually mean? I think she meant she will not be pursuing men or initiating any relationship. Men are meant to seek her out and pursue her for the great value she possesses.

Herein lies the problem. If no one knows that the treasure exists, no one will make an attempt to find it.

Secondly even if you know that a treasure exists somewhere, you need to have some sort of map to find it.

Here are some advice if you are in this position:

  1. Let people know that the treasure exists. Some women are so busy with work, career and church that they go no where else. Be visible. Go places, attend events and network with people where your potential suitors are.
  2. Let men know that its not impossible to get the treasure. Be approachable. Give people a reason or excuse to talk to you. Smile and be inviting to anyone and everyone.
  3. Give men an excuse to actively seek for the treasure. Talk to people. If people don’t talk to you, start a conversations. Introduce yourself and ask them questions about how they are enjoying is over the counter the event or place where you are.
  4. Show men the value of the treasure. Remember people cannot see inside of you. You need to demonstrate your niceness, helpfulness and light hearted spirit.

Sitting and waiting to be discovered can be the recipe for growing old alone. Display and demonstrate your treasure so that treasure hunters can come hunting and exploring for what you have.

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