Why are you still single? How to find out why you don’t have a boyfriend.

Have you tried virtually everything and still can’t seem to attract a great boyfriend?

Does it seem like everyone else find it easy to meet and keep romantic partners but you just can’t find someone special?

Do you feel that the people you love and admire don’t feel the same about you and the “undesirables” tend to be killing themselves for you?

Do you feel that life is passing you by in the “single lane”?

If you are as nice as they say you are why are still single?

These are questions that may be bugging you in your quest for a compatible soul mate. There are several answers buy tadalafil to these questions but the first place I want to direct you is to your soul!

With a sheet of paper and a pen find a quiet place, still the stirring of your mind and ask yourself the question “why I am still single?” Write everything that that pops into your mind. After you have finished, read your answers.

After reading each reason ask yourself “what can I do about this?” and write your answers down. You would be very surprised at some of the things your mind will tell you.

Leave this for a couple of days, but still carry your sheet around with you. Your subconscious mind will from time to time give you either new reasons or ideas on what you can do about the reasons you first came up with.

Try this and let me know how if it worked for you. Put your comments in the comment link/box below.

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