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Marriage: Why Should I Get Married?

Marriage: Should You Get Married and Why?

  • Is marriage dead?
  • Do people still believe in the institution of marriage?
  • Should you get married?

Michelle Brooks presents: Why should I get married

This is very refreshing documentary about why people should and do get married. The show highlights the alive-and-well desire for people to get married.

It interviews pro-marriage people who are either married or looking to get married.

While this is great, it would have been great to get the views of anti-marriage protesters. It would have been also good to hear the stories of people who have had a negative experience with marriage. What do these people have to say about the intuition?

Maybe in other episodes the programme gives a more balanced view.

What would have been equally great is seeing what the research scientists have found about marriage and the effects of the institution on men, women, children and society.

The Case for Marriage They Don’t Want You to Hear Maggie Gallagher and University of Chicago Prof. Linda Waite gives solid research based evidence on why married is good.

“Marriage may provide individuals with a sense of meaning in their lives,” Dr. Waite said, “and a sense of obligation to others, inhibiting risky behaviors and encouraging healthy ones.”

For more tips about marriage and relationship see “Is marriage outdated?”

A case for marriage


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