Would you love a man who has no money?

This morning I had a ding-dong arguement with my friend. I teased him about getting a woman now that his marriage is over. He retorted that if he had money he would still be with his wife. I didn’t agree as I knew that his main problems were unrelated to money although he has been going through a financial drought .

“If I were rich I could still be with my wife and satisfy myself with concubines,” was his surprising generic vs brand response.

Well that set the ball rolling on the topic of whether or not women need men with money, except they are gold diggers.

He contends that even when women say that the man they are looking for do not  have to have money or lots of it, in practice this is not how they behave. He gave several examples of professional girls we both know and their behaviour. Although we have heard them expressly state that money is not an issue for them, when it came down to chosing a man they each ridicule men who were not even able to take them out to dinner, or have a home for themselves.

As a woman what do you think, honestly? If you are a man what has been your experience in this area?

5 thoughts on “Would you love a man who has no money?”

  1. As a women who have been dating men from the age of 19 I have always earned more money than they. I feel its about time I found a man at my age of 48 who can pay for his own. I have always been the one who paid for dinner, movies, holidays or at least the majority share of it and now I am looking for a man that is my equal. I want a man who can hold his own, In fact I will not date another man who earns less than myself because you can not live on love alone. After all the paying I have done I am still not married and sometimes I look back and feel used, but I cannot blame anyone but myself.

  2. I have loved a man with all my heart for over 7 years. However, he has yet been able to support me financially. I have not married him because of this very reason. It is the hardest thing I have had to live with. I agree with the above writer that one cannot live on love alone. He works at a pizza place delivering pizzas. I am a RN that makes 60,000.00/yr. He has yet to try to better himself. I have continued to stay with him. I, too, can blame noone else but myself for this because everytime I have tried to break up with him I went back to him because I loved him, but it never worked due to the finacial strain.

  3. I do not believe money makes one bit of difference if you are married to a man and he looses all his money you should love him even more because he will need your support. However, if you are dating why date a man that cannot afford you stability or at the least take you to a nice dinner or proudly receive an engagement ring?
    There are such things as starving students or going through a change in career but if he cannot take care of you and has no future plans at some sort of a sustainable career / goals towards security and you are not independently wealthy, you will need to consider the situation your putting your self into. I think it is low self esteem or drugs that keeps someone from rising above their raising to become independant financially!(there r exceptions to every rule) If he is unable to make a decent living. It could mean the difference between public housing and food stamps or a cruising the Caribbean or Rv’ing Route 66 and the states in your golden years.

  4. All women are escorts.

    Dating: Men have to pay for a woman’s company….When they go on dates, the man is supposed to pay for everything otherwise the woman will not like it and will not see him again. It’s like an escort service in disguise! No money no date!

    Marriage: It’s just a license that allows that woman to take half of the man’s money if not all of his money! Marriage is legal prostitution, the man has to pay for sex! Most marriages end because the husband is no longer able to support the lazy wife and she’s not willing to give it for free.

    Casual sex: Most women will not have sex with a man unless he pays her!

    Bottom line is….Most women are a bunch of lazy freeloading gold-digging sluts looking for a man to boss around and support them.

  5. From my personal experience, most woman will not love a man who doesn’t have money. However, if the guy is in school trying to obtain his degree and/or filled out applications to land a career job, she will give you a shot in the future by placing you on the back burner as her “friend” in the meantime. How many men fall victim to this b.s. I don’t know, I’m not one of them. Men, realize that women run the world, without them we wouldn’t be here. Instead of venting how women are escorts, gold diggers, etc…(I would agree with some of the negative views though lol) Try and better yourself to be in a position to attract them. When you do, the ball is in your court.

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