Are you the one for me?

Is this the right person for me? How can I be sure?

The right one?

Are considering a serious relationship and asking yourself if the person you are with is the right one for you.

You want to know if s/he is the one.

“Are you the right one for me or must I search for another?” is the question on the heart of many people like you?

Why is this such an important question?

You know in your heart that the answer to this question can ruin your entire future or lift you to the heights of success, happiness and fulfilment.Are you the one

You may have had your heart broken before. A broken heart is no light matter. The emotional pain, soul anguish and mental torture can drive you insane.

One friend of mine told me his first marriage was “6 years of hell.”

The right person, soul mate, partner, spouse can do wonders to improve your life spiritually, emotionally, academically, financially, physically and mentally.

The wrong person can literally cause you to die. Dry up and die emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

I know, because 10 years ago my niece died suddenly at 24 years old. She did not die from a disease or an accident. She was brutally murdered by the hands of her lover. A guy who was the father of her 4 year old child. She chose the wrong man.

Well how do you go about choosing the right man; right woman?

This can be confusing especially if you have strong feelings for the person.  Nobody has to tell you that when you are in the throes of love you want to believe that there is no other person in the whole wide world like this person.

Well today I am going to share with you some very powerful secrets on how you can tell the right man/ right woman or right person for you.

Yep you do not have to depend on feelings and emotions. You could tell 100% if this is the one.

Before I share the secret with you however, I need to make a very important point. Listen very carefully.


Yes you read that right. A friend of mine Alphod Sinclair once told me that “all humans are imperfect so there could be no perfect person for you.” That means there are not perfect humans on earth.

However you can find someone who is very compatible to you. There are some people that you will get along better with than others. There are some people whose personality will clash with yours, even if you love them with all your heart.

This is why I am going to give you these powerful secrets. I did not actually make them up myself. I discovered them. They have been very helpful to helping me get a most happy and fulfilling relationship.

Would you like to get the best relationship that is possible for you?

Pay attention to these ancient but useful secrets. There are 10 of them and I will share 5 of them with you now. If you would like the rest, feel free to send me your email and I will email them to you immediately.

Ask yourself these vital questions:

1.       How does this person make me feel? Think about it for a moment. How do you feel about yourself generally? When you are with or around this person what the feelings that you get are? Write these down as they pop into your head e.g. inspired, happy, shy, embarrassed,

2.       What is your gut or intuition telling you about this person?

3.       Would you like this person to be the parent of your children?

4.       Would you like to become like this person?

5.       What are other people saying about this person?

Believe me, if you quietly reflect on and write the answers to these questions, you will quickly realize if this is the one for you or if you should move on and seek another.

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If you do have any questions of comments I will be happy to hear from you.

Remember to leave your name and email get more vital information on this troubling question of picking the right man or woman for you.

Much love, peace and joy



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