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Is Your Marriage Falling Apart?

If you think there is no hope for your marriage, think again.  You can save your marriage even if only you want to. Take the first step today and bring your marriage back from the brink of divorce!

Marriage Crisis Help At Hand

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Save Your Marriage From Disaster

Are you in a failing marriage? Don’t despair, there is hope! Save your marriage even if you feel disconnected, disrespected, or unloved. Start the Save my marriage program today.

I am here to tell you that there is hope.

Yes, it does not have to be that way.

Save My Marriage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If your spouse does not want to make any efforts to save your relationship you can still influence the relationship by the way your act and react to him/her. Each action creates a reaction even when you may not realize it. After all you both acted and reacted to each other to create the current situation. The reverse can happen. 

  • You have serious doubts about leaving.
  • Despite the problems you are having you know your spouse is a good person
  • The problems you are having are due to external things like work, kids, in-laws etc.
  • Your are both willing to put in the work
  • You love him/her even if you don’t feel in love at the moment
  • You can’t imaging living without your spouse 


  • If you want things to change take responsibility for it to happen
  • Ask yourself what has your spouse being saying and agree that his/her experience is valid even if you don’t agree.
  • Stop fighting. Let your spouse know that you will like to preserve the relationship but if they choose to leave you will honour their wish or desire. 
  • Stop begging, pleading, crying etc These are all counter productive. 
  • Start working on yourself. Reconnect with friends and family, develop hobbies, look after your health etc. 
  • Start writing down things that are positive about your spouse and the good times you have had together.. 
  • Find ways to cope with the overwhelming  emotions you are experiencing eg, counseling, emotion regulation, support groups
  • Pray 


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