Tiger Woods cheats: should she take him back?

Tiger Woods cheats on his wifeelin_tiger

Should Tiger Wood’s wife take him back? Things you should do if your partner/spouse cheats on you.

Cracks showed up in Tiger Woods near perfect marriage to Elin Nordegen recently when several women came out of the “woods” claiming that they had affairs with him.

The press whipped up a frenzy over the last couple of days giving details of text messages and voice mails to prove that the near picture perfect image of the golfer is not so “perfect.” Tiger has a secret second life – womanizing with pretty women.

He is in a romantic hot-spot right now. If I were him I would get the magic of making up consume the book and put the suggestions in practice immediately to give his marriage the best chance of surviving

Who are the women that caused his downfall and what do they have in common? jelly target=”_blank”>tigers-woods-women

  1. 1. Rachel Uchitel Uchitel, 34, a Las Vegas nightclub promoter
  2. 2. Kalika Moquin Las Vegas nightclub executive, Moquin, 27
  3. Jaimee Grubbs Los Angeles cocktail waitress,

What do they all have in common?

  • Beautiful
  • They all work in the night club scene

What should Elin Woods do?

  1. Recognise the relationship is over – you have to start a totally new relationship
  2. Understand the trust has to be earned – rebuilt
  3. Demand the all contact with lovers be cut – affairs are addictions and should be treated as such
  4. He must attend some sort of therapy or counselling
  5. Read – THE MAGIC OF MAKING UP how to get my ex-back.
  6. Avoid nagging him to get all the gory details
  7. Start belly and lap dancing lessons
  8. Spend more time having fun with him

What should Tiger do?

  1. Tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    • Many people tend to hide the truth because they fear the repercussions. However the longer you repress the truth the more horrible the mess when it comes out. These things usually always come back to haunt you. They inevitably come out of the “wood” work. Letting her find out these things in the press worsen the situation.
    • Be genuinely sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused her and actively start to fulfil her emotional needs.
      1. Apparently he has done so even with a public apology.

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart, I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves”

  • Give her a running detailed account of his day to day activities especially when he is away to build up their trust.

Is he to be blamed?

“I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect,” Woods said.

In some way this success, popularity and wealth all and have colluded to make Woods very vulnerable, not to mention that he might have been having some marital problems as one of the women said he told her.

Very few men in his position can resist the temptation their wealth, fame and power expose them to. These three things are lethal attractions for women and Woods fell prey to his own success. But he is not totally without fault.

If know Tiger please tell him to get this great resource it can do the world of good for his faltering marriage — The magic of making up — how to get your ex back.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods cheats: should she take him back?”

  1. Respect herself unlike all these other women we keep seeing in the news that are setting bad examples for women by staying. Why do they stay for the children?? I think not I would say the o so powerful mighty dollar is my guess. Yes for some people its seems they are unable to leave but in all these cases lately in the news this is NOT the case,. Children learn from adults so by staying what are they trying to setting an example of what ?? behavior to tolerate from others is learned from the parents so teach your kids what real love is seems more to me makes more sense. This young lady needs to step up and do the right thing and set an example for men who think theyre money can buy them a wife and family under any repulsive circumstances. And 1st most importantly realize that she is worth more than all the money in the world! Saylavee is what she needs to say!!!!!! This women that came out to speak about this is actually did her a favor , she probably doesnt know this yet…what another 10 years of not knowing YUK

  2. I do accept and even agree with most of what you are saying, check my recent post, however you may also miss that she may still deeply love him and want to rescue the relationship, not because of the money but simply because she loves him for who he is as a human dispite his money or failures.
    I think she has to implement some tough love and treat him like you would a disobedient child who you still love regardless of his naughty behaviour. Punish him severely so he does not do it again

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